Silver Springs Country Recreation & Wellness in Fort St. James

Silver Springs Country Recreation & Wellness

Necoslie Road, Fort St. James, BC
250-996-8622 I Located 6 kms down Necoslie Road

  • Agriculture & Food Production
  • Tourism, Travel & Lodging
  • Trail rides, wagon rides, ranch tours
  • Youth development camps
  • All natural meat sales

Meet Kerry & Morgan Buck

Kerry & Morgan Buck is the owner of Silver Springs Country Recreation & Wellness

Morgan and Kerry began their business in 2012, based on their desire to provide the community of Fort St. James with a welcoming, wholesome, country feel for adventure and an appreciation of the great outdoors. Kerry’s educational background is in youth counselling, with her diploma of Applied Psychology and Counselling from Kelowna College of Professional Counselling. Her love of the country, horses and people is what drives her passion for her business.

Morgan was raised on the Silver Springs Ranch and has been ranching all of his life. His horse management skills, training, experience and handy-work at the ranch is prevalent. Kerry and Morgan truly offer customers a chance to escape the fast pace of today’s society and have the opportunity to connect with horses and nature.

Recreation. Wellness. Passion.

Whether it is the equine adventures or all natural beef you are looking for then look no further than Silver Springs Country Recreation and Wellness. With an array of outdoor activities including guided trail tours, cattle herding, wagon and sleigh rides, and ranch tours, there is truly something for everyone. Silver Springs Country also hosts youth development camps for students aged 13 to 19 years. This is a unique and exciting experience that runs during the out-of-school months and teaches youth important and valuable skills and gives them opportunities for personal accomplishment and improved self-esteem.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1047
Fort St. James, BC
V0J 1P0

Contact + Hours

250-996-8622 I Located 6 kms down Necoslie Road


  • Necoslie Road
  • Fort St. James, BC
  • Canada

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