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Meet Brad Miller

Brad Miller is the owner of Bam Bam Trucking

Brad Miller is an avid skier who tries to spend as much time as possible shredding powder at Murray Ridge in the winter. To pass the time during the non-skiing months, he likes to get out on Stuart Lake. But besides the vast number of outdoor activities available in Fort St. James, what really makes the town special are the people who live here. “When you need a hand there are always friends there to help!” he says. Brad’s family, including his daughter, also live here, and Brad is grateful to be a part of the community.

Brad was just 19 years old when he began to become alarmed by the number of businesses cropping up in Fort St. James that were not locally owned. It bothered him to see dollars flowing out of the community, and it inspired him to start Bam Bam Trucking as a way not just to ensure his own future, but to keep more money in his own community and to promote the support of local businesses.

Brad is proud of his business and is particularly thankful for the many local businesses that regularly support Bam Bam Trucking, like Northland Automotive & Industrial, BNK Automotive, Shelara Holdings and Fort Machine Works. “I get satisfaction from helping people in know, and each time my company does business we are supporting our own community,” Brad says.

Dependable. Diverse. Determined.

Bam Bam Trucking has all the right equipment to get the big jobs done. Bam Bam Trucking specializes in industrial applications, but does all kinds of jobs for residential and commercial customers alike. Bam Bam’s services and equipment include excavating, Bobcat, generators, brush saw, Ya-ba-da-ba-do Bus, wood chipper, mobile pressure washer, metal recycling bins, a septic truck, potable water deliveries, gravel trucks,“Brad’s Pit”, oil and lube services and tire changes.

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